Friday, September 18, 2015

2 -in-1 Dress with Versatility Giveaway

Our first giveaway is our and it is a time to announce the next one. This time we are giving away 2-in-1 summer dress that includes two separate piece (solid one and crochet one). As it is shown on image below it come in black color (both dresses). Underneath piece has slightly stretchy texture and can be used as lining for your other outfits. Crochet dress has sheer texture and will look great used a swimsuit cover. It has lace and floral pattern.

Below please find rules to enter 2-in-1 Dress with Versatility Giveaway:

- To enter, follow @fatalwomancom on Twitter
- Giveaway opens now through October 6, 12:00 AM Eastern Time
- No purchase needed.
- You will be able to enter giveaway only once.
- To enter you must be 18 years old or older
- Giveaway opens to persons in the US ONLY
- Winner will be drawn at random via Rafflecopter form below. The name will be visible in a form once giveaway is over.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

New Giveaway from

We are happy to announce a "giveaway season". We will be giving away several style within coming weeks.

Our first prize is Black Dress with Strappy Back!

Below please read carefully official rules of Black Dress with Strappy Back Giveaway:

- To enter, follow @fatalwomancom on Twitter
- Giveaway opens now through October 6, 12:00 AM Eastern Time
- No purchase needed.
- You will be able to enter giveaway only once.
- To enter you must be 18 years old or older
- Giveaway opens to persons in the US ONLY
- Winner will be drawn at random via Rafflecopter form below. The name will be visible in a form once giveaway is over.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ravishing Poncho Style Tops

Wearing a Poncho style drape top will definitely rock up your body with posh and elegance. This is because the top is quite universal. That means that, if you are looking for a top to go with to a club or an official event, the poncho style drape top will always be your partner.

What makes the Poncho Style Drape Top unique?

- It has no specific event that you could wear it to.

- Unique arm design: Normally a lot of ponchos are armless. That is, you wear them around your neck and they cover your body. The intriguing aspect of this poncho drape top is that it has a one arm design. However, you can customize it to become armless.

- It comes in all sizes: So if you wear small, medium, large or XL you can be assured that you already
have a poncho style drape top that you ought to purchase and “pimp” up your wardrobe with it.

- It has a flowing bodice: This ensures that you are comfortable in the top. Additionally, the fabric is smooth and soft to the skin.

- Its color: The color of the poncho drape top is particular. That is, it comes in mocha, white, and green colors. Therefore, you can be assured that the minute you wear the poncho drape top you are a star.

- Accessories: The top has a belt that blends well into the tops color. The belt adds you some curves. 

How to rock your poncho drape top: 

- Wear fitting jeans: The jeans will definitely bring out some curves and once you put on the poncho top you can be assured that you have that wanting celebrity look.

- Wear fitting shorts or skirts: The shorts or skirts definitely show your legs. Therefore, this top would definitely look great with the shorts or skirt. Additionally, you could wear some pair of heels or boots. This will give you a one of a kind look.

- Accessories: You could wear necklaces that are slightly long. A tip would not to wear the short ones. They tend to disappear and you may not notice the glamour in the necklace accessory. Additionally, colored bracelets and rings can also be used if the look is casual. However, it the look is official, you could wear accessories that do not have multicolored. This top is no longer available but others can be found at

Monday, November 11, 2013

Perfect Look for the Night with the Long Sleeve Black Lace Top

Shirred Black ShirtFatal Woman has done it again; this time from the sexy top collection. The latest in the sexy line of tops
is the Long Sleeve Black Lace Top. This is the top a girl needs for a night out in the town. The neckline is plunging and just right to show off some cleavage. The neckline also gives a nice view of the whole neck; perfect for those long outstretched necks. It’s also great to show off some skin. If you are looking to hit the club, then this is the outfit for it. It makes people notice you, in a good way.

The sleeves of the top are laced. The lace goes all the way to the back of the top. The design is unique and stands out. This is the top where you can show off some skin without having to worry about the cold. This is the top for that night when it’s too chilly for a sleeveless top but too hot for a full back. You get the look you want without being uncomfortable. The top can be worn with some nice skinny jeans. You can choose to add a little bit of color with the jeans, maybe some red or blue jeans. 

The Fatal Woman Long Sleeve Black Lace Top has a nice fitting bodice. This goes snugly around the hips. The top is also shirred at the sides. This brings out the curves out and makes them more pronounced. The top is made of polyester/elastan. When looking to accessorize, a simple pendant or necklace would look prefect. Seeing as the sleeves go up to the wrists, bangles would just get in the way. This black top looks just as good without any accessories. You can get a bright colored nail polish to contrast with the black. 

 White Top with Lace back
The best thing about the black top is that you won’t have to worry about stains the morning after a night out. You also wouldn't have to worry about it getting all crumpled up. You know those outfits that everybody knows that have been slept in? Well this is not one of those. The sizes for the tops range from small to extra large. That gives a lot of options for a lot of women. If you are the out-in-the-club kind of person, then this is one top you must get. Some people say that it is very hard to get away with lace. This top however lets you do exactly that. 

The back of the top also comes with style. The lace only goes about three quarters of the way and the rest of it is shirred. This gives the top a unique style. It also gives the perfect view of the backside especially with some nice fitting jeans. If you are getting a new wardrobe, this is an outfit you must include. You can be sure you will be wearing it in no time at all. The Long Sleeve Black Lace Top is for the woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it. Super sexy does not even begin to cover the look you get with this top. 

As an additional option, this style comes in white color as well. Making your look, white spot may give another yet easy-to-match alternative. White one is made the same way. Check out images attached to this post for better and 360-degree understanding.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

One Sleeve Red and Black Tops - View from Inside

 Black Shirt

 One Sleeve Top

Red is basic color for women about beauty. But it must be brought out well to serve the purpose. Any one fond of red but just wondering at how well they can make it should have a glance at this One Sleeve Red Top at Fatal Woman Tops collection. The garment is ideal for every woman who wants to look sexy. It’s basically red in color with a bold and daring lurid and arresting appeal. It spares no creativity. It’s what any modern woman who is style conscious would not give a second thought about because it represents what many women would envy in fellow women. 

The design of this garment was a response to the overwhelming requests about a sexy open-shoulder garment. As the name suggest, One Sleeve Red Top features one shoulder design. The one shoulder that is presumably covered is also slightly exposed with an attempt to show how this top is determined to explicitly show off what’s beneath. It exposes the neck and covers the section of clavicle of one side. The clavicle and the shoulder on the other side are explicitly overt. 

However, as one progresses to analyze below the chest of this top, it’s apparently quite a tight top. It’s
clearly aimed at flattering the bodice curves. It features plain red bodice that extends down to a straight hemline. When won by the right lady or the lady meant for a particular size, the hemline will appear to end few inches below the belt. That means it fully covers the waist line.

Generally, this works perfectly with skinny pants. It’s also dazzling if it can be supplemented with contrasting colors of pants like black, white or blue pants and sneakers. A wide array of other color of pants can also work well. You only need to find your perfect match. 

Another highlight about this garment is about accessorizing it. There are quite several ways in which you can accessorize it with bangles. Necklaces are a special treat for this top. When well accessorized, you can have one of the most fantastic combinations. Another lady will accessorize it with matching red earrings, necklace and bangles. It however is still a great idea to leave out the necklace as the top itself creates the unique outlook that will make your neckline captivatingly sexy. 

A closer look at the side of this garment that covers one arm reveals another set of creative ideas. The cuff rim traces the wrist of the wearer perfectly. It goes not beyond the wrist to the fingers and at the same time does not leave the wrist uncovered. It encases the lower arm perfectly just like a random top. Just above the elbow is where a change starts; a sexy change that really works well to give a bewitching outlook. As alternative, this top is available in black color. Black version is displayed on additional picture. 

 Every clubber, beauty pageant or simply model swear by this top, that is why you will notice it with numerous mannequins, as it has proved to be a perfect attraction for customers. This top is no longer available but others can be found at